Home-Based Laboratory Testing

Starting in October 2020, we are offering patients the option to complete one-time PrEP continuation and COVID-19 testing via home-based test kits. These kits are supplied by Molecular Testing Labs and funded by a supplemental grant we have received from the NIH to assess the acceptability and feasibility of home-based testing. We will keep you informed via TE of patients who are participating in this option, and will ensure results are scanned into the patient’s chart. Patients who decline or need an essential visit will be scheduled for in-clinic appointments.


The general workflow involves:

  • We will offer one-time home-based testing to patients who are due for PrEP continuation labs. We have 100 kits offered on a first come, first served basis.
  • For patients who consent to participate, we will order a test kit mailed to them from Molecular Testing Labs
  • The test kit will include: a dried blood spot card (for HIV, creatinine, syphilis, and Hep C, if needed); urine sample, throat and rectal swabs (for STIs); and nasal swab (for COVID-19 PCR)
  • Patients will mail the test kit back to Molecular Testing Labs, who will report results to us
  • We will send the results to medical records to be scanned into Epic and alert you via TE of any results that need to be acted on. For any positive COVID-19 results, the study team will disclose this to the patient within 24 hours and complete the CMR.


For collection video and instructions, see: Patient Resources