COVID-19 and PrEP Updates

PrEP Coordinators are continuing our PrEP services remotely, coordinating with patients via phone/text. We are recommending patients to get their medications delivered. We are only scheduling patients for appointments if they are essential for PrEP continuation.


PrEP essential in-person visits include:

  • PrEP initiation (baseline) labs (will be ordered by PrEP Coordinators)
  • PrEP follow-up labs, if the patient has not completed labs in 6+ months (will be ordered by PrEP Coordinators)
  • Side effects or STI symptoms (will coordinate with provider)
  • Flu-like symptoms which could indicate acute HIV or COVID-19 (will coordinate with provider)


Protocol for follow-up labs and refills are as follows:

  • If the patient has been adherent to PrEP, has regularly come in for labs, and is not reporting any signs of acute HIV, we will skip quarterly labs and request a refill for 3 months. We will follow-up with the patient again in 3 months to complete their next quarterly labs.
  • If the patient has had trouble with adhering to PrEP or labs but is not reporting any signs of acute HIV, we will delay quarterly labs and request a refill for 1 month. We will follow-up with the patient again in 1 month for next steps.
  • If the patient reports signs of acute HIV or requests to come in for labs, we will coordinate with their provider about how to proceed.


Please note that many of the Community Health Programs for Youth (CHPY) clinics are closed during this time. Thus, any youth needing essential in-person visits are being redirected to their nearest clinic. These clinics include Maxine Hall (due to proximity to Cole St. clinic) and Tom Waddell (due to proximity to Larkin St. clinic).


Again, PrEP Coordinators are supporting PrEP services, so please continue to refer any patients for PrEP, and let us know how we can support you.


Some of the things PrEP Coordinators can help with are:

  • Outreach to patients on PrEP or interested in PrEP
  • Schedule appointments
  • Order/monitor baseline and follow-up labs
  • Teach self-swabbing
  • Assess HIV risk
  • Send Rx request to PCP
  • Provide:
    • Adherence counseling
    • Insurance navigation (including applying for Gilead’s patient assistance program)
    • On-going PrEP support for patients & providers
  • Assist with PEP to PrEP