About the Study

HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) has been shown to be highly effective for HIV prevention in randomized clinical trials; however, uptake of PrEP in the U.S. has been limited. The prevention of new HIV infections remains a critical public health priority and PrEP is an essential, yet underutilized component of the HIV prevention toolkit. As outcomes of current PrEP formulations in real-world settings and different populations are reported and novel PrEP formulations are introduced, healthcare providers will continue to require support and guidance to optimize the clinical and public health impact of this valuable HIV prevention strategy.

PrEP Optimization Intervention (PrEP-OI) is an NIH-funded study that aims to educate healthcare providers on PrEP and assist providers in the appropriate targeting of patients at increased risk for HIV acquisition, initiating PrEP when appropriate, and providing guidance on the ongoing monitoring and adherence counseling of patients on PrEP. The goal of PrEP-OI targeted at healthcare providers is to increase PrEP uptake & persistence among those at risk for HIV acquisition. PrEP-OI includes:

  1. an integrated web-based panel management tool, PrEP-Rx, which provides structured HIV risk assessment, automates reminders for lab testing & appointments, & reports patients’ history of PrEP use

  2. a centralized PrEP coordination overseen by a PrEP Coordinator who can identify those at high risk for HIV & who support multiple healthcare providers.

This study is funded by a grant from the National Institute of Nursing Research of the National Institutes of Health.